The process of getting your roof repaired or replaced can include many steps and can seem overwhelming at times. Roof Source is dedicated to helping you understand each step in the process so you can rest assured that our roofing experts are considering all of the small details before starting your roofing project. In order to better outline what to expect in the near future, we have outlined some steps below. 

Now that you have reached out, gone through the inspection process, and submitted your claim  (if advised) you can expect the following next steps:

If you have not gone through the steps listed above, please give us a call and we can get you started with a free inspection!

7 Steps For What To Expect Next In The Roof Source Process1. Material Drop Off

If you have already communicated a preferred date of material drop off ahead of time, you can expect the manufacturer to leave the materials on your roof on that agreed upon date. Otherwise, we will let you know what date your roofing materials will be delivered.

Helpful Note: When the materials are being delivered, you can expect a large truck to pull into your driveway. The manufacturer uses a conveyor belt to move the materials onto the roof so you may hear some noise as they’re getting the materials situated.

2. Our Crew Will Show Up The Next Day

The day after the roofing materials are delivered, you can generally expect us to show up the next day. If we plan on arriving later than the next day, we will communicate those timelines with you beforehand.

When our crews show up, we will be moving a large dump truck into the driveway. We ask that you please move any cars you’re needing to access out of the garage and driveway so we do not accidentally block you in or delay any travel plans as a result of our parked truck.

3. Please Take Down Any Photos/ Frames On Your Walls:

During the roof repair or installment process it can cause vibrations throughout your home. We suggest taking down any decorations and photos on your walls so they do not fall and break. 

If you have any additional questions about this process, please feel free to reach out to your project manager or give us a call and we would be happy to help!

4. Set Up Tarps & Wall Protection

As we are preparing to start the roof repair or replacement process, we will put tarps on the landscaping around your yard in order to protect your yard. We will also set up a catch all wall protection system that helps us protect the exterior or your home while your roof is being repaired.

5. Repair The Roof

Our team of experts usually complete the roof within 2-3 business days but if we foresee any time delays we will let you know beforehand!

6. Double Check The Small Details

At Roof Source we understand that the small details make a huge difference.Upon completing a job, we like to go back over the job site and make sure we left the area looking better than we found it. 

7. Follow Up

After the job is completed, our team will follow up with you to send you your warranty and ask about your experience. During this process, please let us know if there are any areas we can improve and leave us review!