Every Shingle Roof

A Roof Source Initiative

Many of us, at one time or another, find ourselves in situations where we are in need of a helping hand. We know that we can’t change the circumstances for those who are struggling financially, but we can help by providing those in need a strong, leak-free roof to protect their home and their family.

Roof Source is not just a roofing contractor in the community — we consider ourselves part of the community. Providing deserving families in desperate need of roof repairs or an entirely new roof can have a big impact not only for these families, but also the community as a whole. We created Every Shingle Roof to provide services and resources for families who have come across unfortunate situations. Do you know a well-deserving friend, neighbor, or family member in need of a roof replacement? We are now accepting nominations. The process is simple:

Every Shingle Roof Nomination Form

Have questions? Please call us at 970-691-0845 or email us at