We pride ourselves being able to deliver a blend of affordability and quality with many versatile options for your new roof! A leader in high-end custom residential roofing installations, our work force is trained in all residential roofing including shingle, metal, metal shingle, clay tile, and flat Roofing systems. 



Most roofing manufacturers recommend that your home’s roof be inspected twice per year. Your residential roof may have issues that you don’t know about. These can be revealed during periodic inspections to help to identify trouble areas such as cracked plumbing stacks and half-full pitch pans. These are issues that we can easily correct if we find them early.  This will help you have them repaired faster, subsequently extending the life of your roof by many years. Roof Source will begin with a comprehensive inspection of your roof where we will provide a report to you of your roofing systems health. The report will include: roof layout, system or component discrepancies, photo summary, remaining life, summary, and budget costs.

Most residential rooftops are steep-sloped. Our roofing crews are experienced in complete service, maintenance, and installation of the following options:

Asphalt Shingles


Tile Roofing

BORAL decra davinci westile bartile

Architectural Metal Roofing

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Architectural Panels | Metal Sales

Flatiron Steel Sheffield Metals Cmg

Gutters & Downspouts

Flat Roofing

Modified Rolled Roofing | TPO | EPDM | PVC | Polyglass

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  1. When our office receives a lead, we forward the information to one of our experienced estimators.
  2. An estimator will follow up to schedule a time to come inspect the current roof’s health. (The majority of the time, the owner doesn’t need to be at the property.)
  3. Upon receiving the roof inspection report, we will provide a detailed proposal on the specific scope of work needed to complete the roof repair or replacement.
  4. When a signed proposal is received, we will coordinate the roof repair and replacement to accommodate the owner’s needs and schedule. The typical start date is approximately two to six weeks from authorization.
  5. Roof materials and permits are obtained and delivered to your home one to two days prior to start.
  6. Our shingle crews, typically consisting of three or four men, will begin the tear-off and disposal stage of the replacement.
  7. Once all existing material is removed from the roof, the installation of the new system is completed.
  8. The average roof (2500 to 3000-square-feet) will take approximately two to three days to complete.
  9. During the roof repair and replacement process, our project manager will visit the job site to verify that the roof system is being installed to specifications.
  10. Debris is hauled from the property and taken to a local landfill.
  11. After the roof replacement is finished, our project manager will complete a roof inspection with the crew and go over any items that need to be addressed.
  12. A final invoice will be sent to the customer, and insurance documents will be sent to adjusters and agents.
  13. The permit will be called in for a final inspection by the municipality.
  14. Upon receiving payment in full, roof warranties will be issued.


From the date of installation, Roof Source will warranty the craftsmanship of the installation of your new roof and gutters. This warranty covers any damage to the roof and/or gutters related to the labor. It becomes effective after we complete the roof installation and you have paid the balance.

Terms and Conditions: The warranty does not cover any damage related to gale force winds (60+mph), hail, tornado, or impact from foreign objects. Any modification performed by other contractors to the roof will void the warranty. If you sell your home during the warranty period, the warranty automatically transfers to new owners.

Contact Roof Source to see if you are eligible for the upgrade. We will provide a free, on-site assessment of your roof condition and let you know.